How to create a bloom effeckt in Blender.

Hey guys,today i gonna show you how to create a working bloom in Blender,so first,wehn you have your scene,in my case its this one here(yeah its untextured cause i cant photoshop really great,and i have some textures for it,but not fot the carousell and the things on the carousell are only placeholders). so after you rendered it go into the compositor, look fig.1.
Once you did that enable use nodes and backdrop,(fig2) now add a wiever node (shift+a ---> output----> wiever)

connect the image output from the render layer,to the image input of the wiever node, than add a mix node (shift+a ----> color-----> mix) than add a Blur node
(shift+a ---->Filter---->Blur) Now you should have a resoult like fig3.
choose the blur node and enableĀ  Bokeh,than set the x and y vaue to something about 20,to increase the bloom effeckt you can play arrond with the values,but they have to be the same like 30-30,if you do it like y20 and x 70 it wont work.put in the mix node as shown in fig 5,and connect the bottom input to the image output of the blur node,connect the upper image input from the mix node to the image outpot of the render layer,ant were almost done,just conect the image output from the render layer to the image input from the blur node,and in order to get it work properly you need to adjust the Factor of the mix node,i would recommend to put something between .5 and .6 in,in my case i use .5,i hope it was helpfuel,if not let me know than i explain you more detailed etc :). final node tree and resoult + the fig(images to the tutorial) are below :).Ps sorry for te pinkish stripes,there was a test texture applied.